"Reach for Farther Stars Than These"

Lump Crab Nebula Productions is a world-class production company that offers premiere creative services, helps working artists realize their potential, and provides courses in music, theater, and the arts for those seeking to reach farther stars than these. Based in Miami, Florida, we offer three primary services for creative professionals: production services, artist advocacy, and education.

Our production services include studio production in association with world-class recording facilities, theatrical productions at an array of prestigious theaters, and access to our team of professional songwriters, arrangers, choreographers, and graphic artists to make your creative vision a reality. We are artists working for artists, and our primary goal is to take our clients' artistic visions to the next level of success. 

Our artist advocacy services help connect artists with patrons, venues, and galleries so that they can present their projects to a wider audience. This includes overseeing studio productions, organizing theatrical performances, and coordinating gallery events. We also provide support for artists to secure fair payment for their artistic products, including contract negotiation, consultation services, and organization programs.

Most importantly, we provide access to world-class education in the arts and humanities. As working artists, we are committed to helping the next generation realize their creative goals. We offer courses in songwriting, drama, cinema, graphic art, sculpture, and a variety of other disciplines. These courses are taught by experts in their fields with both working and theoretical knowledge of what it takes to succeed at the highest level. We offer university-style courses, workshops, and one-on-one instruction in a variety of fields.

Send an email or drop us a call and see what Lump Crab Nebula Productions can do to help you reach farther stars than these.
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Featured Artist
The Zoo Peculiar is an experimental rock troupe based in South Florida. Combining the sounds of circus tent, saloon, and sideshow, they have carved a unique placae for themselves in the American indie music scene. Their performances have been described as "one of the most magically bizarre things I have ever seen" (The Herald) and "vaudeville for the video age--with a Venusian twist" (The Spectator). Their most recent release, Lo and Behold!, is available through Lump Crab Nebula.   
Upcoming Events
  1. 4 Feb
    Sideshow Spectacular
    Propaganda with: Bleubird, Peyote Coyote, and The Grumps, featuring Side Cirque
    TIME: 9:00-2:00AM Saturday
  2. 18 FEB
    Broward Circus
    Poorhouse with Killmama and Denudes
    TIME: 22:00 - 00:00 THURSDAY
  3. 21 NOV
    The Royal Albert Hall Conert
    Colonial Life Arena w/ Another Singer
    TIME: 22:00 - 00:00, THURSDAY
  4. 21 NOV
    The Royal Albert Hall Conert
    Colonial Life Arena w/ Another Singer
    TIME: 22:00 - 00:00, THURSDAY